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March 14, 2015

Kisshou / Benio from ZONE-00

Kisshou / Benio


Photographer: EduardLuzhetskiy

What can I say... This time I wanted to try something different XD I don't even know if this can be defined a crossplay or not (if you aren't familiar with the character, you should know that, in spite of the appearance, this character is a MALE lol). So be careful boys ;)

I was afraid that this character wouldn't suit me at all, mainly because I'm waaaaay taller than Kisshou, especially with those crazy heels, and I felt like a giant... but who cares, cosplay is for fun! ^__^ And in the end I think I kinda look like a trap shota (?), so mission accomplished! XD

Also, this was the first pair of wings I've ever worked on, next time I'll do better u.u the fabric I used was originally for Yoko, but in the end I had decided not to use it for her, so at least I recycled it in this way (I always feel so proud of myself when I manage to save money and recycle something :D )

Assistant Seorth (thank you sooooo much for helping me with the tattooes ;W;)

Model, costume, make-up and wig by me

Cosplayer: KiaraBerry Cosplay

Kisshou / Benio from ZONE-00
Kisshou / Benio from ZONE-00
Kisshou / Benio from ZONE-00
Kisshou / Benio from ZONE-00
Kisshou / Benio from ZONE-00

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