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November 12, 2015

Ame-Comi Cheetah from Wonder Woman

Ame-Comi Cheetah

Wonder Woman

Photographer: alucardleashed

Hooray for a full body shot of Cheetah, so you can see my weird hooves/feet. I'm somewhat trying to reenact the pose of the AmeComi figure.

Worn at: Youmacon 2012, Ottawa ComicCon 2013

SEWING: The bodysuit and flap are made of faux-suede, that I found in the curtain department. It has a little stretch so I slip the suit on and off, no zipper needed! I finished the edges with a zig-zag stitch to give it a raw hide look. Serging would have been to clean and uniform.

The jacket, leggings, and straps were made with stretch faux-leather I had sitting around for years. It’s not quite the right shade, but I couldn’t find anything else better I stores.

CRAFTING: The wig was bought on eBay and was surprisingly thick. So thick that it was hard to style. I used a lot of Got2Be glued gel for the spiking and some baby powder to tone down the shine.

The camel-toe shoes are painted tennis shoes. The toes were made of foam cushioning covered in friendly plastic, then spraypainted to match. The skull is a halfed styrofoam ball covered in expandable foam. After it dried, I cut out the basic shape and filled the gaps/holes with Model magic, and finally covered the hole thing in a thin layer of Model magic. Then it was sanded, covered in gesso and finally painted. I used another Cheetah figure as a reference for the skull, which looks more cartoonish. The chains are heavy (meant for tying a dog) and they are held together with screw chain links.

MAKEUP: I used black Snazaroo black body paint and applied it with a round paintbrush. I opted for nails over paws for two reasons: 1- I though it fit the look and character better. The "ogre hands" look out of place, granted so do her camel feet. 2-My first try at the gloves was a disaster and they looked hideous. Hooray for artistic liberties!

Cosplayer: the-mirror-melts

Ame-Comi Cheetah from Wonder Woman
Ame-Comi Cheetah from Wonder Woman
Ame-Comi Cheetah from Wonder Woman
Ame-Comi Cheetah from Wonder Woman

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