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November 26, 2015

Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon

Photographer: Scarlet Sail

Sailor Neptune (セーラーネプチューン Sērā Nepuchūn) is the alternate identity of Michiru Kaioh (海王 みちる Kaiō Michiru or Michelle Kaioh), a teenage Japanese schoolgirl. Michiru is a member of the Sailor Soldiers, female supernatural fighters who protect the Solar System from evil.

Sailor Neptune fights alongside her partner/lover Sailor Uranus. She is elegant, sophisticated, capable of sharp anger, occasionally cold, and fully dedicated to her duty as a Sailor Soldier. She possesses powers associated with the sea, precognition, and various others granted by a mirror.

Michiru is deeply artistic and is the Sailor Soldier most associated with the arts. Her known skills include the violin, swimming, and painting; of all her skills, her strongest is as a violinist, which is also her greatest dream. She likes all her classes, especially music, and belongs to the music club at school as well as the swimming club.

Cosplayer: ~miss LT

Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon
Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon
Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon
Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon
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Sailor Moon
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