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April 20, 2016

Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic

Himawari Kunogi


Photographer: DianCat

Himawari Kunogi (九軒 ひまわり Kunogi Himawari) is Watanuki's love interest and classmate. Watanuki originally believes that she is his "goddess of good luck", though Yūko seems to think otherwise, often dropping cryptic hints about Himawari's true nature. It is eventually revealed that Himawari emanates misfortune that affects everyone around her except her parents and those with spiritual abilities, such as Dōmeki and Yūko.

After revealing this to Watanuki, she attempts to cut all connections with him. Watanuki, however, tells her that he is truly happy around her no matter what and refuses to stop seeing her. He later gives her a small bird he names Tanpopo (タンポポ?, lit. "Dandelion") that is immune to her bad luck.

She is the only main character not shown visiting Watanuki after he inherits the shop; she attends a university far away from the shop, and because her natural misfortune causes problems with the shop's magic, she promises only to enter the shop on Watanuki's birthday, though she calls occasionally.

Cosplayer: Rinoa

Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic
Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic
Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic
Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic

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