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April 30, 2016

Bellona from SMITE



Photographer: Pugoffka

Bellona is a goddess of war from game SMITE. I fell in love with her design right away and really wanted to create this stunning armor pieces! It was a hard project and took me about month to finish but I am happy with it!

The most challenging part was my weapon. I had only two days to make it from scratch but I really felt that it is necessary for this character to wield a sword so I had no sleep and made it on time!

The SMITE community was really welcoming and happy about my work. I recieved so much positive reactions both from players and creator of the game! I did even work for SMITE at Gamescom wearing this outfit.

The photoshoot took place in Budapest at cold, November night. I was happy to work with Pugoffka, my international friend.

Cosplayer: Shappi

Bellona from SMITE
Bellona from SMITE
Bellona from SMITE
Bellona from SMITE

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