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April 3, 2016

Tamamo no Mae from Fate/Extra

Tamamo no Mae


Photographer: EVA

Caster's True Name is Tamamo no Mae (玉藻の前), a woman of astonishing beauty that served the retired Emperor Toba the end of the Heian era (794-1185). She is publicly known as a Kitsune (狐, lit. Fox) that was said to be the catalyst for a rebellion within the Imperial Court.

Tamamo no Mae is a soul created from the sun goddess Amaterasu, and she is a unique facet of the goddess rather than a mere Earth Spirit. She is believed to be a Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, however strictly speaking she is a Yakanjackal (野干ジャッカル) which is often mistaken as a fox.

Cosplayer: Aishiteraburu

Tamamo no Mae from Fate/Extra
Tamamo no Mae from Fate/Extra
Tamamo no Mae from Fate/Extra
Tamamo no Mae from Fate/Extra

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