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August 5, 2016

Juliet Capulet from Romeo X Juliet

Juliet Capulet

Romeo X Juliet

Photographer: Leonardophoto

Juliet Fiammata Arst De Capulet is the last member of the Capulet family. She disguises herself as a boy, Odin, in order to avoid being caught by the usurping House of Montague, who still actively look for the Capulets. An excellent swordsman, she also masquerades as a vigilante, the Red Whirlwind, in order to aid the people oppressed by the rival Montagues.

Juliet is a strong and intelligent young woman, she is loving, with a strong sense of justice and determination to lead the Capulet faction against the oppression of the corrupt Lord Montague. She falls deeply in love with Romeo and is stricken with the decision of being with Romeo or destroying Lord Montague.

Cosplayer: Miohayuki

Juliet Capulet from Romeo X Juliet

Photographer: Francesci Ambuchi

Juliet Capulet from Romeo X Juliet
Juliet Capulet from Romeo X Juliet
Juliet Capulet from Romeo X Juliet

Photographer: Marco Mambrelli

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