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July 24, 2016

Lich Queen from World of Warcraft

Lich Queen

World of Warcraft

Photographer: Lucio Dias

Who knows me, knows that I am not a cosplayer, but the fact is that I learned so much helping others in cosplay and I always liked this area of learning techniques and materials, that I tried to do a costume of my own and something that challenged me. Lich King is a perfect char in my eyes and that's how my Lich Queen was born.

It was stressful, sometimes I just wanted to put everything in the garbage, but after some time I tried to solve the problems, I actually overcome them and I am happy with the result.

The sword was my first project and I merely did it to have fun and put it on the wall. I absolutely love the design of it.

I am no pro, this is my first cosplay so I really hope you enjoy my cosplay :)

Cosplayer: kyara17

Lich Queen from World of Warcraft
Lich Queen from World of Warcraft

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