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July 4, 2016

Rogue from X-Men



Photographer: e.duarte.estudio

I love this phase of Rogue, perhaps because it was the first that I followed, this uniform marked my childhood and I always dreamed having an equal.

Chris Claremont gave an upgrade on the characters of X-men, making them more interesting. Rogue was a beautiful creation of his. The uniforms designed by Jim Lee, despite being flashy and colorful, are very beautiful, after all it was 80/90s is not it?! The uniforms could not be different. Fox animated series also was influential in spreading this release as one of the best known and most appreciated by X-men fans.

Rogue still had the powers of Ms. Marvel. Super strength, invulnerability and flight. I loved these powers. I loved seeing her lifting cars and beating several guys at once.

Cosplayer: Mel Rayzel

Rogue from X-Men
Rogue from X-Men
Rogue from X-Men
Rogue from X-Men

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