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June 28, 2016

C.C. from Code Geass


Code Geass

Photographer: A. Konobeev

Code Geass is a classical anime. All characters are so interesting and memorable. For me CC is a very complicated and interesting girl with strange destiny. I made her 2 outfits (cheshire cat and casual costume ) 2 years ago.

This time I’ve created my most favorite costume from the last episode of the last (2nd) season. I think this costume shows that CC became free and she found her happiness. In my opinion she lives with Lelouch, Jeremy and Anya))

When I published my CC costumes on Deviantart koujialone praised my works. I was so happy. I think Koujialone created best Code Geass cosplay! And Koujialone said that he would like to see my others Code Geass cosplay. His words inspired me and I’ve made my new Code Geass cosplay this year)))

Cosplayer: Marina Reiko

C.C. from Code Geass
C.C. from Code Geass
C.C. from Code Geass
C.C. from Code Geass

Lina Inverse from SlayersLina Inverse
Nunnally Lamperouge & Shirley Fenette from Code GeassNunnally Lamperouge &
Shirley Fenette
Code Geass
Kallen Kouzuki from Code GeassKallen Kouzuki
Code Geass
Anya Alstreim from Code GeassAnya Alstreim
Code Geass

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