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June 30, 2016

Vanessa (Ursula human version) from The Little Mermaid

Vanessa (Ursula human version)

The Little Mermaid

Photographer: Daria Maryenko

One of the most beloved cartoons of my childhood is "The Little Mermaid." Of course I love Ariel so much, but not when I could not say that I hate Vanessa!*_____* It is evil in the flesh, but so captivated and charismatic that it is impossible to forget or not to love!

Two years ago I decided to do cosplay at her in a wedding dress! The materials to suit everything was just what we needed! From lace fabric I cut and made applique on the hoses. It was a little difficult, because the beads, which is embroidered this cloth constantly broke away and sequins and strive to melt from an iron.

I love when in suits have detailed, albeit small, it gives a kind of authenticity and luxury. Of course, in the cartoon, animation features in mind those years, there was not any complicated patterns or embroidery on the dress, but Vanessa married a prince! And so the wedding dress can be quite simple!*Î*

In this year, me and my friend-photographer Daria, has finally managed to get into the studio wedding (Ahhah!what a coincidence!^^") And shoot there favorite villain!

It was very surprising and incredibly nice when looking at the photo, people learned of the character! Nice to know that many people remember this old image!

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Vanessa (Ursula human version) from The Little Mermaid
Vanessa (Ursula human version) from The Little Mermaid
Vanessa (Ursula human version) from The Little Mermaid
Vanessa (Ursula human version) from The Little Mermaid

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