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March 25, 2016

Imari Kurumi from Bible Black

Imari Kurumi

Bible Black

Photographer: Dasha KakTamEe

May be it seems strange but Imari was my first cosplay! I made this costume in 2010. This photos were made in 2015 because in 2010 I could’t find a good photographer for this character.

"Bible Black" is the most famous hentai. Many people love it not only for the sex scenes, but also for a fascinating plot. This mystical story tells us how magic can be dangerous.

Imari Kurumi was a student, chosen as a vessel for reincarnation ritual, she was abducted for a ceremony.

Cosplayer: Gliese__581

Imari Kurumi from Bible Black
Imari Kurumi from Bible Black
Imari Kurumi from Bible Black
Imari Kurumi from Bible Black

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