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May 3, 2016

Miqo'te from Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV

Photographer: Stormbyte

The cosplay is selfmade with a lot of love (and pain xD). Lil edit by me.

Miqo'te (ミコッテ) are a feline race from Eorzea. During the Age of Endless Frost, as the seas turned to ice and passage over them became possible, Eorzea saw an influx of foreign fauna to her shores. This brought the hunting tribes which subsisted upon them, the modern descendants of whom are today known as the Miqo'te. Since their arrival, the Miqo'te have diverged into two physically distinguishable groups: the diurnal Seekers of the Sun and the nocturnal Keepers of the Moon.

Cosplayer: Miss Fairy Floss

Miqo'te from Final Fantasy XIV

Photographer: Stormbyte

Miqo'te from Final Fantasy XIV

Bard cosplay by Justawaykitty

Photographer: Stormbyte

Miqo'te from Final Fantasy XIV

Photographer: greencat

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