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May 7, 2016

Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars

Princess Leia Organa

Star Wars

Photographer: Clover

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... there was a small girl who dreamt to become the bravest Princess Leia Organa! Years passed and her dream finally came true!

As you might guess that little girl was me! And Clover helped me as a fairy godmother using her camera and super-duper photography skills! We found our inspiration in Leia’s fanarts and the original Star Wars photoshoots of the 70’s that were minimalistic and stylish.

All in all the photoshoot lasted for 40 minutes and it felt like mere seconds full of jokes, smiling and joy!

Hope that you’ll like the result of our mutual efforts!

Cosplayer: Aurora

Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars
Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars
Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars
Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars

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