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November 13, 2016

She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power


She-Ra: Princess of Power

Photographer: Nita13

She Ra - my idol since childhood. I was only 3 or 4 years old when I first saw the cartoon about He Man - and fell in love with him at first sight. Cartoon of She Ra entered the Russian television much later - but it delighted me to the core. Later, when we got carried away with cosplay we just could not make this costume!

The shooting took place in a studio, with a big company - had a lot of helpers, and I insisted to carry his little dream - photo for fun "in flight" with a flowing cloak x). The girls kept my face fan, I was standing in the pose of "swallow" with outstretched hand, while the other waved my cloak.

Suit we have done with my seamstress - Tanith. Sword I created myself from scratch, but the tiara robbed Tanit : C. But I still had to help her, because she was no experience with the plastic, and papier-mache was too heavy for this detail. Dress and coat Tanit sewed completely, but bracers and covers for boots, I helped to cut and do.

The most difficult part was the sword. I had to spend a lot of whimsical material before you cut a decent disc, and only the third try I succeeded.

She Ra - a real protector! Twin sister He Men, deceit kidnapped as infants from their parents and brought up the evil Horde she found the strength to discard illusions, and to defend their country. She is gorgeous! Strong, resourceful and brave, he never discouraged, and find a way out of any Hordes traps and his henchmen with their friends! Friendship - it’s magic ~ _ ^

In this suit, I visited Vladivostok Festival - and was amazed at how many people recognized me, because the cartoon's vintage - 1985! It was very nice and the appearance on the stage was easy and fun, bringing a huge positive charge! And as it was in the event, bringing positive with the power of the Grey Skull!

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Cosplayer: Toruviel

She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power
She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power
She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power
She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power

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