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November 14, 2016

Triss Merigold from The Witcher 3

Triss Merigold (DLC Dress version)

The Witcher 3

Photographer: Dzikan

Triss Merigold of Maribor is a sorceress. She is called the "Fourteenth of the Hill" because she was believed to have been killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill. She is a friend of Yennefer and witcher Geralt of Rivia, and is unhappily in love with the latter. She took care of Ciri at Kaer Morhen for some time and is like an older sister to her. It was through her intervention that Ciri was not inadvertently given harmful hormones which might have negatively impacted her "womanly assets". She was a member of King Foltest's royal council along with Fercart and Keira Metz, as well as a founding member of the Lodge of Sorceresses.

She is a skilled healer and carries with her many magical potions, but she never uses them on herself because she is allergic to magic. She is also quite a powerful mage, certainly when it counts most.

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Triss Merigold from The Witcher 3
Triss Merigold from The Witcher 3
Triss Merigold from The Witcher 3
Triss Merigold from The Witcher 3

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