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November 16, 2016

Rose from Tales of Zestiria


Tales of Zestiria

Photographer: Mauverie Photography

Rose (ロゼ Roze) is the leader of the merchant guild, the Sparrowfeathers, as well as the assassins' guild, the Scattered Bones. Her true name, given to her by Sorey, is Wilkis Wilk (ウィクエク=ウィク Wikueku Wiku), which means "Rose is Rose".

As the boss of both the Sparrowfeathers and Scattered Bones, Rose has a natural talent for leadership. She has a strong sense of justice and evaluates what kind of person each of her potential victims is before she decides whether to kill them. She does not let her personal feelings get in the way of what must be done.

Cosplayer: Natal Toran

Rose from Tales of Zestiria

Photographer: Tomestorung Photography

Rose from Tales of Zestiria

Photographer: Mauverie Photography

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