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September 4, 2016

Flore Diva from Silver Rain

Flore Diva

Silver Rain

Photographer: Mallegri Marco

I made this costume in 2012 for Romics competition.

I worked on this project one month and i make reference from one picture of the videogame (Silver Rain). The most difficult part is the scepter, and the skirt, but I love making the detail and the roses.

It's one of my favourite cosplay and the most used for competition and exibition.

Photos are taken in my city, Arezzo (Tuscany) and Lucca.

Cosplayer: Mio Hayuki

Flore Diva from Silver Rain

Photographer: T. Saiga

Flore Diva from Silver Rain

Photographer: Elisa Nocentini

Flore Diva from Silver Rain

Photographer: T. Saiga

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