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April 13, 2017

Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7

Diao Chan

Dynasty Warriors 7

Photographer: Akami De Vey

This was my first cosplay. :)

Diao Chan is a woman skilled in the arts of dance and music. She was sent by her adoptive father to tear apart Lu Bu and his adoptive father Dong Zhou, so he could take down their side with his army, it was a simple divide and conquer technique. After the technique succeeded, Diao Chan apologized to Lu Bu and told him what she did. Lu Bu forgave her and thanked for for releasing him from his father. Diao Chan soon fell in love with Lu Bu and they went off to conquer the land together.

Cosplayer: ChishirCat

Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7
Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7
Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7

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