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August 29, 2017

Nehelenia from Sailor Moon Stars


Sailor Moon Stars

Photographer: CAA Cosplay Magazine

This is one of the few cosplays I decided to do and I do not remember why, exactly. Sailor Galaxy has always been my favorite villain in SM, but I’ve always really enjoyed Neherenia and I decided to do her costume because I identified myself with her story and her pains.

Well, pain was actually having to do this cosplay in 2 days. More precisely, 8 hours (besides accessories, which were already ready). Crazy? Yes, of course, but I wanted to debut it for Anime Friends 2017 and I did it! <3 It was not 100% like I wanted, but it was pretty ok for me and for everyone who saw it live!

Cosplayer: PhoenixLily Gallery

Nehelenia from Sailor Moon Stars
Nehelenia from Sailor Moon Stars
Nehelenia from Sailor Moon Stars
Nehelenia from Sailor Moon Stars

Starlights from Sailor MoonStarlights
Sailor Moon
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Sailor Moon
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Sailor Moon
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