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December 2, 2017

Warlock from World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft

Photographer: Eddie-Zato1

Me as Warlock from WoW

fp: www.facebook.com/stygianvi

Corruptor Raiment set (t5)

Cosplayer: StygianVI

Warlock from World of Warcraft

Photographer: MLC

Warlock from World of Warcraft
Warlock from World of Warcraft

Succubus Kerrigan: www.facebook.com/kucyponik/

Photographer: Eddie-Zato1

Dark Zodl Paladin from World of WarcraftDark Zodl Paladin
World of Warcraft
Garona Halforcen from World of WarcraftGarona Halforcen
World of Warcraft
Draenei Warrior from World of WarcraftDraenei Warrior
World of Warcraft
Jaina Proudmoore from Warcraft IIIJaina Proudmoore
Warcraft III

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