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December 4, 2017

Dizzy from Guilty Gear


Guilty Gear

Photographer: MakinaValross

Dizzy - Amy

Photo - MakinaValross

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Dizzy is an innocent and pacifistic Commander Gear. She is half-Gear and half-human, and her mother is Commander Gear Justice. Her father is unknown. The names of Dizzy's wings are Necro (the Grim Reaper wing) and Undine (the angel wing).

As a half-gear, Dizzy has many latent powers. Her natural strengh far surpasses a normal human's, allowing her to take flight with her wings. She also has the power to shapeshift, as some of her body parts can transform. She also possesses control over Gamma radiation, in the form of devastatingly powerful beams.

Cosplayer: FirehawkCosplay

Dizzy from Guilty Gear
Dizzy from Guilty Gear
Dizzy from Guilty Gear

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