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February 1, 2017

Futura / Dark Maria from Metropolis

Futura / Dark Maria


Photographer: Robert Vanelli

2017 is the 90th anniversary of the epic silent sci-fi film "Metropolis". Being so innovative and a massive inspiration of so many things to follow its release I’ve always been a fan.

Futura or Dark Maria or Maria the Robot OR simply the "machine man" is now so iconic people recognize it even if they have not seen the film.

Last May I began making this costume. The Face was sculpted, molded then slush cast in resin. The torso, back of the head, feet and lower legs we’re sculpted then vacu-formed. The thighs, biceps, hands and forearms are all made from styrene and PVC sheet. It took 3 months to build.

With my small size and the restrictive movement of the costume people have asked if I was a real robot. I like the paint’s ability to look more gold in some light or more grey in lower light. That makes for varied and interesting photos.

Cosplayer: Rebekah Cox

Futura / Dark Maria from Metropolis
Futura / Dark Maria from Metropolis

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