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June 19, 2017

Nuka Girl from Fallout

Nuka Girl


Photographer: Jurai Media

As a long-time Fallout fan and cosplayer from the series, Nuka Girl was always a dream cosplay of mine. For me, she’s the perfect combination of the 1950s pin-up era advertisements and the retro-future aesthetic. Ever since I saw the posters in Fallout 3 of Nuka Girl, I was enamored... especially since I also happen to be a big soda fan in the real world. With Nuka World came more reference than ever before, and the fact that your Sole Survivor can now wear the costume. That’s when I decided it had to be done. Seeing it worn on the player character helped a lot to get the details and fit right. My best friend’s expertise with prop-building was a godsend, because without him this would not have been possible. We worked on and off for a few months, using references from both the player character as well as the Nuka Girl posters featured in the game. It was definitely trial and error and certainly more than a few frustrating moments. Everything but the boots is hand-made and sewn, including the rockets and helmet.

These particular photos were taken at Colossalcon 2017 by Jurai Media, who’s a dear friend of mine. The rest were taken by my best friend, who helped me with the costume. We opted for photos in the Arcade, to replicate the Nuka-Cade in the Nuka World DLC!

I was so happy that so many people recognized the outfit at the con and took a few moments out of their day to geek about Fallout with me!

Cosplayer: Lady of Rohan

Nuka Girl from Fallout
Nuka Girl from Fallout
Nuka Girl from Fallout
Nuka Girl from Fallout

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