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May 17, 2017

Alita from Battle Angel Alita


Battle Angel Alita

Photographer: Sketch_Turner

Hello from Russia! I’m here to show and tell in short about my new Alita/Gally (the main character of epic manga Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)) cosplay. I’ve been reading the manga for many years and one day decide to cosplay that stubborn, powerful, generous and... cute iron lady. Its too obvious to love this character if you’ve ever read Gunnm.

She’s a cyborg girl and most of her oufits include armor...and I like it! Although my skills are just average, I hope I achieved a good result (plastic, worbla and so on...). It took me more than 2 months.

Alita can be really different, smile or frown, during shooting we covered only a small range of emotions ;)

To meet the photographer I made a trip to Moscow, that was great! It’s very important for me to chose "right" person for photo projects, and this time was absolutely successful.

I’d love to make some other her costumes (and may be improve my make-up also), for this one - it’s already to say goodbuy. (can I mention here my very young Etsy-shop?)

Thanks for the attention <3

Cosplayer: Odango

Alita from Battle Angel Alita
Alita from Battle Angel Alita
Alita from Battle Angel Alita
Alita from Battle Angel Alita

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