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November 24, 2017

Black Lotus from Accel World

Black Lotus / Kuroyukihime's Avatar

Accel World

Photographer: Eva

So far this is my best cosplay work. I love this mecha though it's kinda painful to wear X)

The moment this costume was shown in public for the first time I got dozens of questions: how do you move, what's the material, is it heavy and so on. Well, I'll try to answer them one by one, just the way I did on the ru-account.

1. "It must be really heavy!" - Actually it's not as heavy as it looks)) The whole thing wieghs about 8 kg when packed.
2. "Can you see anything while wearing it?" - Yep, I see everything ok while it's not dark. But if there's not enough light around - I'll be blind. Such thing happened at one of the festivals - the operator switched off most of the lights just before it was my turn to go on stage. Aaaand it was a really awkward moment when I couldn't see a thing for about 2 minutes x) I kept moving and acting though)
3. "Aren't you afraid of falling down?.. What's that leg construction anyway?" - To tell the truth, I am. The contruction is based on shoes with transparent platform. It is quite stable, yet, nothing will save me if someone pushes me. I can't even use my hands to protect my body and the costume from total collapse in case of falling. The good thing is that there is always at least one person beside me who'll catch me in case of emergency! After all, that's what cosplay is about - finding friends and helping each other.
4. "For how long can you be inside?" - The optimal max time is about an hour and a half. The personal record is about 5 hours, but I was dead after that. Couldn't even stand on my feet, the muscules ached as if had a short trip to the depths of hell X_______x
5. "How much did the materials cost all in all?" - I prefer not to answer this one)
6. "No, really, you did all of that yourself?" - Yes) With assistance of my precious cute helper Lykanka

I've never had experience of creating mecha-cosplay before. I'm not even a fan of their designs. But the moment I saw Lotus in the anime I was like: "OMG it's so beautiful and elegant!!" La la la la Making Lotus come to life seemed a really insane idea back then...

I learned a lot from creating it. Making and wearing a cosplay that consists fully of craft and props is completely different from any other. You have to count each move and each pose, design each fixation and each binding, make sure the armour parts look good together... and stick to the proportions, dammit!! xD All of that in addition to craft techniques. It took me about a year to pull it off. Most of the time I spent on the theory.

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Cosplayer: AlexReiss

Black Lotus from Accel World
Black Lotus from Accel World
Black Lotus from Accel World
Black Lotus from Accel World

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