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October 10, 2017

Spirit Fox from Asura Online

Spirit Fox

Asura Online

Photographer: Kaicom Photo

I am really happy to share with you my new costume, after the destruction of all our costumes latest July.

I've spent hard times... but this costume is born thank to your support, I dedicate it to everybody who cheers for us.

I feel better, I made by best for finishing it and in order to smile again, the result in each picture is how my heart feel actually, I see a huge difference between " wild flower" shooting (just after the destruction) and now.

I hope you will like the result.

I have been a cosplayer since 2004 and my hobby is a way to represent characters I like, a way to share my passion with people.

Cosplayer: Shoko-Cosplay

Spirit Fox from Asura Online
Spirit Fox from Asura Online
Spirit Fox from Asura Online
Spirit Fox from Asura Online

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