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January 25, 2018

Emori from The 100


The 100

Photographer: Domenico Stragliotto Photo

Emori is a very special cosplay for me, and she has been a real challenge being the first costume of mine based on a real actor (the wonderful Luisa D’Oliveira, on top of that!) instead of some anime or virtual game reference. This meant a lot more of realism to be put in her weathered clothes, a lot of effort in trying to grasp a professional actor’s nuances in character’s expression of her emotion and attitude, and a lot of struggling considering the scarce resemblance between me and the actual Emori.

I was also conscious that due to the marginality of her role and of the whole The 100 series in my little cosplay community, my efforts for this costume would still have been unnoticed. I’m so glad I have been proven wrong by many friends and stunning photographers, who made me feel just like her for a while. At the end of the day, I feel so happy to have not given up on the whole thing despite my many perplexities - the love for my favourite Sandkru member has been vital to keep this project going.

She seems all but popular among the fandom, but I couldn’t really like her more - most probably for the same reasons she’s usually pretty despised (her individualism, her pragmaticity, her smartness, her wild looks, her partner-in-crime relationship with John,...). Still I hope she will get more place in next season, her character is probably still seen as an appendix of Murphy’s more than a character on her own (her storyline is always bound to his, her more remarkable trait for some is being Murphy’s LI). Don’t take me wrong, Murphy is a great character as well and Memori is my neverending ship, but she deserves some characterization for her own. I’m also so curious to see if she will manage to rely on the rest of the crew as well, if what I saw in the last episode was really total admiration towards Raven instead of opportunism and if they’ll manage to get good friends.

It’s been a boost of confidence that might affect my next projects too (more outfits of her? Another tv series-related cosplay? A live action one? "Screw you, I’m not afraid!" cit.)

All I need now anyway, is a John Murphy or two to bribe with my knife!

Cosplayer: DrosselTira

Emori from The 100
Emori from The 100
Emori from The 100

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