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June 23, 2018

Valkyrie Leona from League of Legends

Valkyrie Leona

League of Legends

Photographer: Rojano Photo

I made my Valkyrie Leona last year, and it was a stressful but a really interesting process. I gotta say It's the piece I'm most proud of to this date. (Next to Alexstrasza)

This cosplay is seriously one of my most comfortable ones! :'D I learned so much from making Alexstrasza, so Leona turned out to be my most comfortable armor project so far! heart emoticon

I've always enjoyed Leona's Valkyrie skin the most. I love the elegant design and the color combination of orange/red and gold~

Cosplayer: TineMarieRiis

Valkyrie Leona from League of Legends

Photographer: Danarki Photography

Valkyrie Leona from League of Legends

Photographer: Rosalyn Mai Do

Valkyrie Leona from League of Legends

Photographer: Cosplay Studios

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