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March 3, 2018

Black Knight from Dark Souls

Black Knight

Dark Souls

I am a physics graduate student who loves to make stuff in my spare time. I especially enjoy creating wearable art such as jewelry and costumes, and I also occasionally draw and paint when I have the time.

Dark Souls Black Knight made and worn by me at Dragon Con 2016. It's all worbla with apoxie sculpt detailing. It's not actually as much worbla as it looks, since most of it is single layer. I made the chainmail out of aluminum.

Cosplayer: SilverIceDragon

Black Knight from Dark Souls

Photographer: Kevinertia

Black Knight from Dark Souls

Photographer: Photosnxs

Black Knight from Dark Souls

Photographer: Singularity Photography

Black Knight from Dark Souls

Photographer: Kyle Matthew Williams: Photographer

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