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May 15, 2018

Kiriko Hattori from Dai-Shogun Great Revolution

Kiriko Hattori

Dai-Shogun Great Revolution

Photographers: Marcin Śmidowicz & Aleksander Domański

Hallo Everyone! I'm Setsi, a cosplayer from Poland. Previous you have seen my Alisa Bosconovitch cosplay. Today I will show you my first cosplay with armor. Kiriko Hattori when I saw her design I have said to myslef. Girl you have to do her!

Kiriko is s Ninja girl from the Iga clan. She is a bad ass. Making her armor was a huge challange becouse that was my first time using of black worbla. There where any tutorials how to make it. So every piece was made from sratch. That was also my first time with working with wood and resin as well. The hardest element of this costume was this costume was this corset thing and her tsuba.

Whats more the photo shoot also was a huge challange. I had to balance in tall wedges on a branch of trees suspended 2m above the ground. Photos where taken in beautiful landskaped park. As you can see posing was dangarous but those photos where wirthy of sacrifice. I love them and I hope you love them too.

Cosplayer: Setsi

Kiriko Hattori from Dai-Shogun Great Revolution
Kiriko Hattori from Dai-Shogun Great Revolution
Kiriko Hattori from Dai-Shogun Great Revolution
Kiriko Hattori from Dai-Shogun Great Revolution

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