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November 4, 2018

Barioth Armor from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Barioth Armor

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Photographer: Gatan Perreau

This is my first armor! It’s made out of 5mm EVA foam, and even the small black spikes are all made by hand, out of 10mm foam. Everything has been primed with 2 layers of Flexipaint and airbrushed with Vallejo paints. More details about materials used on Ko-Fi.

It took me the whole summer (June-September) to make it!

Every single part was a challenge, because I’ve never made any armor before, and I had to modify the helmet for exemple 3 times before it fits perfectly as I wanted!

The attachments all work with velcro; the fur separates from the helmet, the belt separates in 6 parts: front belt, back belt, 2 bandoliers and the 2 fluffy parts. It’s a lot easier to pack everything!

I don’t know how much the armor weighs, but it’s very very lightweight; one full arm piece (upper arm, bracer and fabric) weights about 130 grams!

I’ve worn it at Paris Games Week 2018, and it was just awesome to meet other cosplayers and MonHun fans, everyone was so kind and impressed by my work, it was so heartwarming and motivational! Plus I could meet some famous french cosplayers such as NikitaCosplay, who were adorable and very inspirationnal!

Cosplayer: LyahCosplay

Barioth Armor from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Barioth Armor from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Barioth Armor from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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