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September 16, 2018

Eeveelutions from Pokémon

Eeveelutions - Sunset Dragons Eeveelution


Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

ThermoCosplay (Sam) gathered all of these lovely ladies together and started with an ear craft session then moved into full costume creation. We were inspired by Sunset Dragon’s Eeveelution designs. We managed to get eight of the eeveelutions organized for a local masquerade. ThermoCosplay (Sam) sewed the following costumes: Leafeon, Vaporeon & Jolteon. She also made the patterns for Espeon & Eevee. Jinx Cosplay created her Sylveon and assisted her sister Umbreon. Maggie (Jolteon) created her own armor for the first time using guidance from Flareon (Amber Brite). Stevie (Vaporeon) created weapons for herself, Umbreon and Leafeon. We all pitched in on creating our outfits and helping one another. It was a GREAT team effort and we had a lovely time wearing these.

Cosplay Supplies sponsored the Worbla’s KobraCast Art that ThermoCosplay (Sam) used in her Leafeon ears/wig & Worbla sponsored the Fosshape that many of the eevees used (fosshape provided by Amber Brite who was sponsored). It was exciting getting to work with cosplay businesses/suppliers for these costumes.

We could not get more than a few feet forward before fans stopped us. Photographers stopped us, Magazines interviewed us and we had a BLAST wearing these costumes. The convention we debuted these at was Saboten Con 2018.

Cosplayers: ThermoCosplay, Amber Brite Props, Jinx Cosplay, Raven's Bazaar & Crafts, Silent Maggie, Imagine Mini, StevieSpade Cosplay

Eeveelutions from Pokémon
Eeveelutions from Pokémon
Eeveelutions from Pokémon
Eeveelutions from Pokémon

Red Gyarados Gijinka from PokemonRed Gyarados Gijinka
Misty from PokemonMisty
Scyther Gijinka from PokemonScyther Gijinka
Cubone Gijinka from PokemonCubone Gijinka

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