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April 25, 2019

Witch Doctor from Diablo III

Witch Doctor

Diablo III

Photographer: Lescargotgraphe

The best thing cosplayer can get from her hobby is happy people around her. Not money, not contracts with big companies, not trophies.

I'm so thankful for all people who found time at gamescom to share their opinion and emotions about my Witch Doctor costume with me after Blizzard cosplay contest. It's a pleasure to see that my work can make someone's day a little bit better and brighter and that's the best motivation.

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Cosplayer: SmirkoO

Witch Doctor from Diablo III

Photographer: Nikwithacam

Witch Doctor from Diablo III

Photographer: Pakupakuru

Witch Doctor from Diablo III

Photographer: Private Waffles

Witch Doctor from Diablo III

Photographer: Sunart

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