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February 19, 2019

Little Devil Eli Ayase from Love Live!

Little Devil Eli Ayase

Love Live! School Idol Festival

I started cosplaying because the idea as a child that my favorite characters didn't actually exist anywhere on the planet super bummed me out. Then one day one of my childhood friends showed me a Sesshomaru cosplayer who was so spot on I still to this day geek out over it, and the happiness I felt, is something I wanted to also share with the world. Bringing characters to life, wearing my costumes and taking my pictures brings me so much joy and I hope they bring others the same amount of joy someday.

My ultimate goal is to be a cosplayer that makes people feel like somewhere on this planet, that character actually exists. I know this is a far away goal. But it's my goal.

You can reach me at the following places:

Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram

Cosplayer: Teddi Terri

Little Devil Eli Ayase from Love Live!
Little Devil Eli Ayase from Love Live!

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