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October 2019

Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Fringilla Vigo from The Witcher 3 Big Daddy & Little Sister from Bioshock Shandris Feathermoon from World of Warcraft
Riven from League of Legends Scheherazade from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Petra Ral from Attack on Titan Queen Chrysalis from My Little Pony
Kaisa from League of Legends Chocola from Nekopara Padme Amidala from Attack of the Clones Jeanne Alter from Fate/Grand Order
Jeanne Alter from Fate/Grand Order Lady Maria from Bloodborne Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man Mercy from Overwatch
Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown Diamond from Houseki no Kuni Barbarian from Diablo III
Melone from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Super Sonico Vaultgirl from Fallout 3 Clover Field from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Hanayo Koizumi from Love Live! Fire Nation Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail
Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Ayase Eli from Love Live! Sweetheart Xayah from League of Legends