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July 11, 2020

Sakura Miku from Vocaloid

Sakura Miku (Cherry Blossom Hatsune Miku)


Pictures were taken at Studio Colore in Tokyo, Japan. I put so much effort in posing. I really wanted to express both the beauty of Cherry blossom, the symbol of Japan, and Miku's cuteness. I'm very happy if people who see my pictures start to have interests in cosplay, Miku Hatsune, sakura and Japan!

I've been a big anime fan since I was 3 years old! So starting cosplay was very natural to me. My first cosplay was IA, she is also a vocaloid. I haven't applied for any costume contests, but I started my model career after being selected at a beauty pageant contest in Japan.

Last year, I worked as a promotional model/cosplayer at the Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo Motor Show, Tokyo Toy Show, Tachikawa Anican (a cosplay model as a Kashiwazaki Sena from "I have a few friends" Itasha/anime car. I used to work as an Akihabara Maid too!

My fans are always very happy with my cosplay and modeling pictures. As you can see in the comments section on my Instagram, the Sakura Miku cosplay was described as " The most amazing Miku I've ever seen. A stunning beauty!" by one of my fans :)

My links:

Fiverr | Twitter | Instagram

Cosplayer: Ayano Irizuki (入月あやの)

Sakura Miku from Vocaloid
Sakura Miku from Vocaloid
Sakura Miku from Vocaloid
Sakura Miku from Vocaloid

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MEIKO from VocaloidMEIKO
Calne Ca from VocaloidCalne Ca
Hatsune Miku GALAXY from VocaloidHatsune Miku GALAXY

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