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July 11, 2021

Mercy from Overwatch



Photographer: Reflektierte Wahrheit

It took what felt like forever to finish this cosplay, however I'm super satisfied with the end result! ♥

I have to thank a LOT of people for helping me with it:

My photographer, Reflektierte Wahrheit Who took so many incredible pics of my cosplay!

My assistant, Gumiho cosplay Which absolutely helped with the wings and literally picking up everything I needed to put back in place.

The wigmaker: Linda! Who did an incredible job on styling this wig (I suck at it so I'd rather leave that to the pros!)

The seamstress, Shiba crafting Who did the bodysuit under the armor.

And finally, me, if you're ever wondering.

I'm so glad to be surrounded by such a talented team too!

I made the whole armor parts, and props. Everything is in EVA foam, airbrushed with acryl colors. The wings are also in foam with a PVC pipes core. Attached with belts around my chest. The panes are in plexiglass.

The glow is done afterward in Photoshop :) The wings don't actually glow IRL (I wish tho lol)

This was shot near the Frankfurt airport, so the plane is real as well!

I hope you like it, I've put so much time and effort, but it's all worth it. I absolutely love Mercy and this seals the deal for me to be able to incarnate her c:

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Cosplayer: MikomiHokina

Mercy from Overwatch
Mercy from Overwatch

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