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August 16, 2012

Tifa Lockhart ティファ・ロックハート from Final Fantasy 7 ファイナルファンタジーVII

Tifa Lockhart ティファ・ロックハート

Final Fantasy 7 ファイナルファンタジーVII

Photographer: Jessica Laloire / GreenZombie

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Tifa Lockhart knew Cloud Strife when they were children and is his childhood friend. She is strongly opposed to the Shinra Electric Power Company, joining the resistance group AVALANCHE to fight them.

She supports Cloud as his comrades and helps him fight his nemesis Sephiroth, bearing the same deep hatred for him as Cloud does due to the destruction of their hometown.

Tifa is a hard worker and spends her time caring for everyone but herself. On the inside, she keeps the feelings of uneasiness towards Cloud locked up. She has a strong motherly streak and tends to offer sanctuary and physically protects those in need. Seeking to do all that she can for those in need she spends her time caring for others, often comforting the other AVALANCHE members; finding in them similar spirits seeking to find an end to the tyranny and corruption the Shinra Electric Power Company has brought to the Planet, although initially her motivation for joining the rebel group was to seek revenge for the destruction of her hometown and the deaths of her family and friends.

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