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August 17, 2012

Poison ポイズン from Final Fight ファイナルファイト

Poison ポイズン

Final Fight ファイナルファイト

Photographer: Laura Cruz

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The photos were taken in a parking lot and streets around it. The photoshoot attempts to pass an atmosphere of glamour and dirt while making use of used tires, graffiti and peeling walls - Poison's best style.

This cosplay was relatively simple to make: clothing and accessories I already had, so it was only set up the look. The only parts I had to make especially for this cosplay ware the whip and the skull cap.

What I like about Poison is this aura of doubt hanging over her / him: Poison is a man? Poison is a woman? So I tried to take very feminine pictures - without appealing - to instigate people's imagination. In the end the reactions were pretty cool, because many people liked the cosplay and the way the photos were taken. I received some marriage proposals (seriously, LOL), which made me laugh a lot, since without the cosplay I'm a person who does not call much attention and I don't have Poison's sex appeal.

I made this cosplay only to take pictures and enjoy myself, because usually I go to conventions with more elaborate costumes in order to participate in competitions and parades.

I started cosplaying in 2008 and until now, I have won costume contests 6 times.

Hope you enjoy it and visit s-lancaster for more costumes and photos.

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