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September 1, 2012

Berserker from Fate/Zero



Photographer: Jason Nishi

I love Love LOVE Berserker. The mythology, his backstory, and his relationship with Matou Kariya (his master), basically everything is so beautifully tragic. DEFINITELY one of my favorite characters of all time! I was asked if I wanted to make him for the Aniplex booth at Anime Expo '12 and thus construction began.

I used poster board to draft individual pieces trying to get the shape as accurate as possible. Once I had the shape, I made a 6mm foam version using duct tape and super glue to hold it together. Once complete, I added wonderflex (smooth variety) to the top using a heat gun and my hands to shape it around the foam. After that, I painted it with Killz spray to get rid of any texture that was left over, then added Spackle paste to get rid of any gaps in the wonderflex, then Killz'd it again. Once everything was sanded, I sprayed it with black and then misted with blue paint to get that odd color that he has. I must also give many thanks to my lovely cosplay assistant, TATTO, for all support in helping the project see completion in time for AX. She did most of the sanding while I was working on construction. She also made the bodysuit I'm wearing underneath, the headdress attached to the helm, and back cords.

So far, I have only worn this to Anime Expo and it was probably too hot for the costume in general. It took about an hour and half to get into the armor, and I need one assistant for all of the torso and helmet. I do have plans to wear the un-helmed version soon, I just don't know when!

This suit was also my first venture into the land of full armor! I have always wanted to do do them, but never had the motivation or a character I was dedicated enough to. Now that I have experience with this, I'm going to start doing them more often! Well, as often as my wallet will allow.

Cosplayer: Cerulean Draco at Facebook & CeruleanDraco at ACParadise.

Berserker from Fate/Zero
Berserker from Fate/Zero
Berserker from Fate/Zero
Berserker from Fate/Zero

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