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April 4, 2014

Calne Ca from Vocaloid

Calne Ca


Cosplay video: Cosplay Calne Ca

Calne Ca (骸音シーエ) is viewed as a derivative of Hatsune Miku, she was created by the 3D animator Deino. Her name comes from kara (骸) and ne (音), as well as CA (シーエ), the chemical symbol of calcium. This is due to Calne Ca being a mechanized skeleton with a skin or casing in the shape of Miku.

Calne Ca is a sort of casing in the shape of Miku for Calcium, a Deino's original character, who is sort of a cyborg girl. In essence, she is a mechanized skeleton; according to Deino, however, it is up to the viewer to decide how they want to see her, either as a mechanized skeleton, or Miku deformed. The bug on her head is also known to be her best friend. Her first appearance was in the music video Machine Muzik and since then she has appeared in several PVs.

Cosplayer: Yuriros

Calne Ca from Vocaloid
Calne Ca from Vocaloid
Calne Ca from Vocaloid
Calne Ca from Vocaloid
Calne Ca from Vocaloid
Calne Ca from Vocaloid

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