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August 30, 2014

Ms. Fortune from SkullGirls

Ms. Fortune


Photographer: RocknamLee

Photo taken at Colossalcon 2013. I really like this shot because it shows my feet claws. It was such a strange feeling and it required me to change the way I walked so that they wouldn't peel off.

Clothing: The top is made of jersey fabric. The ribs are made by making a small seam on the outside of the fabric. The shorts are a pair from my closet. I have so many, so why make another. I also wanted something that covered up more. The leggings were modified leggings which I added the white "flare" at the top - made of stretch cotton with a buckram insert. The ankle piece have a strip of craft foam for some extra definition.

Belt: Made of faux leather with custom cardboard box inserts to keep the shape. The back of the pouches have straps so the boxes can be moved along the belt or removed. I couldn't store anything in them because it would be too much trouble with my nails to open them. The buckle came from one of my mother's old belts.

Ears & Tail: Both are made with craft foam and a styrene piece in the centre to keep the shape, in addition to wire. The ears are held onto a headband, while the tail is attached to a black strap belt with release buckle that I made. They are both covered in faux suede.

Collar & Gloves: They are made with spandex and foam cushion for the raised detail. I wanted something soft and that I could slip my hands in and out of, but could always keep it shape.

Makeup/Scars: I attempted bodypaint at Anime North and it was a disaster. Now the scars are made of fake leather - Upholstery leather is stiffer therefore it's less likely to fold or keep a fold. I measured and cut uniform pieces. They are held one by double-sided tape: One long piece along the length of the scar and an occasional piece on the perpendicular scars. It holds on great everywhere except for the feet.

The nails where originally long and square fake nails from a drug store that I cut them into points with scissors. I also had nails for my toes (FYI it feels weird).

Wig: Got it on eBay pre-styled as a bob. I just converted the swept bangs into a straight cut.

Worn at:

ColossalCon 2013 - Sandusky, Ohio

Anime North 2013 - Toronto

Photo Edit Note: Since I had an eye problem I edited these photos to have turquoise eyes instead of my default brown.

Cosplayer: the-mirror-melts

Ms. Fortune from SkullGirls

So I got to hold a lion cub when I was at Colossalcon. Strike that off my Bucket List. I got to play mama cat and hold him for a whole 30secs to a minute because he was wiggling all over the place. My tummy scratches did little to calm him down. Poor guy was tired from being passed around.

Photographer: RocknamLee

Ms. Fortune from SkullGirls

Photographer: Liquidcocaine-Photos

Ms. Fortune from SkullGirls

Photographer: Liquidcocaine-Photos

Ms. Fortune from SkullGirls

Many thanks to CKDecember for making it work in the savannah grass. It was pretty crowded with many other group shoots going on and he really made our little spot magical. That grass was pretty rough and itchy especially with bare feet.

Photographer: CKDecember

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