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January 24, 2014

Chiana from Farscape



Though the show has been off the air for a decade Farscape delivered outrageous costumes, puppets by the Jim Henson company and some of the sexiest alien women in sci-fi. What wasn’t to like!?! Chiana, the runaway Nebari girl, is a fan favorite. In the beginning she’s an impulsive troublemaker much of the time but she matures and becomes more selfless in time, all while staying a "tralk".

The black and gray costume is Chiana’s season 3 costume. Her costumes changed as the series moved forward but this was her middle costume. The only parts which were not homemade are the gloves and boots but even those were modified.

As for the bikini and sarong as a costume that comes from a specific episode called "Terra Firma". It required just over an hour of body painting.

Cosplayer: Lady Lomax

Chiana from Farscape
Chiana from Farscape
Chiana from Farscape
Chiana from Farscape

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