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May 31, 2014

Terra Branford from Dissidia Final Fantasy

Terra Branford

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Photographer: Vinushka Riddle

Costume made completely by me <3

Terra Branford is one of the heroes fighting on the side of Cosmos, and was originally a warrior of Chaos. She is a girl blessed, or cursed, with both the power of Espers and incredibly powerful magic. Terra was forced to serve under Chaos against her will, but in the next cycle has forgotten about these events and now fights on the side of Cosmos. Her nemesis, Kefka, appears to taunt her about her forgotten past and attempts to sway her back into his services.

Cosplayer: AyrielDarkmoon

Terra Branford from Dissidia Final Fantasy

I'm so proud of my magic cape... it flies! Look at that!

Terra Branford from Dissidia Final Fantasy
Terra Branford from Dissidia Final Fantasy
Terra Branford from Dissidia Final Fantasy

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