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August 16, 2016

Cammy from Street Fighter IV


Street Fighter IV

Photographer: Robby Idol Media

I have loved this particular design of Cammy’s more than any of her other outfits, for so long! I love the military touches taken from Vega’s design, and I included some designs taken on fanarts as well as putting my own touches on.

The costume is a stretch spandex, it zips up the back. The armor is all foam, Robby Idol helped me finish it in time for MomoCon as I was preparing to be a guest and had little time between panels and everything else, I’m so grateful for it! I made the lightning logos out of foam covered in Worbla, then aged them up a bit. I used Worbla for the brim of the hat, as well. The skull and wings brooches were buttons I trimmed the loops off of, glued the metal wings on and backed with pins. The cape is linen.

We found local places for the photos in Orlando, most around the east Orlando area. There weren’t many people around, so it wasn’t too awkward!

When I wore it to MomoCon, I gave a fun panel in it, and some kids in the lobby of the convention center were very excited to see Cammy... they hugged me before I saw them coming! It was a fantastic time.

I make costumes, gowns, and geeky clothes for a living, for myself and for hundreds of clients! If you’re interested in a custom costume of your own, please contact me on Facebook or on Instagram!

Cosplayer: AmazonMandy

Cammy from Street Fighter IV
Cammy from Street Fighter IV
Cammy from Street Fighter IV

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