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March 5, 2016

Reshiia from Scissors Crown


Scissors Crown

Photographer: Shaadorian

My new cosplay is Reshiia from Scissors Crown by Thores Shibamoto. I love her artwork very much and make new costumes with a great pleasure.

Reshiia has four amazing costumes and at first I wanted to make her yellow dress, but realized that many other cosplayers would like to make it too. So, I started making her red dress (you can see it at the end of the novel).

All details of the costume and the hat are made by me. Wig styling by *Jannet*. Shoes(probably on the other photo ^^") are made by Yako.

Cha-No-Yu 2013 Cartoon Show First place! It is first time I ever got a prize, so I'm happy :)

Photo and edit by Shaadorian

Cosplayer: ZoeVolf

Reshiia from Scissors Crown
Reshiia from Scissors Crown
Reshiia from Scissors Crown

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