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October 11, 2016

Ravenborn Leblanc from League of Legends

Ravenborn Leblanc

League of Legends

Photographer: Undefiled Photography & Editing

My costume is the skin that I loved the most on this character, it really fits Leblanc as she is a magician. It was my first real challenge and fully handmade costume.

The photos were taken at the photographer’s home with a piece of fabric as a backround, taken a few months ago. I created the costume about a year before but I kept updating it and making improvments.

The most difficult part for me was working with feathers and walking on heels (hahaha). The character is one of the best champions to play with in the game but I feel she is kind of underrated and not often cosplayed. I love Leblanc’s skills and her Ravenborn appearence it was something I really enjoyed making.

I wore the costume only in Comicdom con Athens 2015 but it was not completly ready, even thought many people liked it!!

I started cosplaying for fun, just because I saw other people doing it in Athens and I loved anime, so why combine these two things? It's been about one year of active cosplaying.

Cosplayer: Maru Chan

Ravenborn Leblanc from League of Legends
Ravenborn Leblanc from League of Legends
Ravenborn Leblanc from League of Legends
Ravenborn Leblanc from League of Legends

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