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December 18, 2017

Giselle from Enchanted



About the photoshoot

So I've had this cosplay in the closet waiting for a nice photoshoot for a good while and this year I found the perfect scenery for it. In the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, there's this bizarre sort of amusement park with cute little buildings. It's a long trip but it was so worth it! We got a lot of cool shots. Thing is, it was filled with children (duh) and every time one of them spotted me, they wanted a picture with "the princess". Which happened every two minutes. So it took quite a long time, but we got the photoshoot done and I couldn't be happier about the result. Though my face hurt like hell the whole day. I literally couldn't stop smiling, even when I stepped on dog poop, because there were children EVERYWHERE and Giselle wouldn't stop smiling, would she? I've so many cute anecdotes from this day!

About the cosplay (made in December 2015)

Oh, that dress. To start with, I got the patterns for a wedding dress which looked fairily similar and modified it A LOT. It was a pain. I first got the fabric for the lining (is that what it's called? the inside part?) and tried the modified pattern on it. And modified it again. And again. And a thousand times more until I got it right. My mom helped a lot during that, I had zero experience making dresses and it was so time consuming! The fabric I used for the actual dress was not such a good choice. I decided on it just because I loved the colour, but it gets so easily wrinkled that it stresses me out. I've worn this cosplay three times now, and after the first one I realized I had to wear it all the way to the convention/photoshoot or it would be an absolute mess. The design is all hand-painted by me, I looked at lots of reference pics and then sometimes just went a little crazy with it. Those were some looong nights. I got the wig from Rulercosplay I think? I remember it was under "brown", but I thought the colour was perfect, and I must say it's absolutely beautiful. What else? I was wearing green contacts for this shoot, just because I knew I could edit them to gray/blue myself, but for conventions I usually wear the right ones. I also wore falsies because I feel they give me that "disney princess" look.

Photo by my boyfriend.
Edit and cosplay made by by me.

Cosplayer: CardCaptorSelene

Giselle from Enchanted
Giselle from Enchanted

Photographer: Priscila

Giselle from Enchanted

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