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December 21, 2020

Black Canary from Batman and Robin

Black Canary

All Star Batman and Robin #3

Photographer: HeatherAfter Cosplay

In doing my research on Black Canary, I learned that she is one of DC's earliest superheroines! The character debuted in August of 1947. I was surprised to learn that she was a pre-1950s creation given her (for the time) very risqué character design. Obviously she was a hit! Black Canary's original outfit from over 70 years ago is still immediately recognizable, and her various redesigns usually feature many of the things that made the original great.

Mask by LME Leather masks

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Cosplayer: HeatherAfter Cosplay

Black Canary from Batman and Robin
Black Canary from Batman and Robin
Black Canary from Batman and Robin

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